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BPAL! wonderfulness - Betwixt & Between — LiveJournal

Date: 2009-05-08 11:02
Subject: BPAL! wonderfulness
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Tags:bpal, bptp, lunacy, scent notes
Wild strawberries, strawberry flower, vanilla-infused sugar, early summer grasses, and milky dandelion sap.

Bright summer flowers, fresh herbs, and a bit of citrus rind dampened by the scent of morning mist and rain.

LITHA 2009
Golden honey, moss, honeysuckle, chamomile, parsley, white gardenia, frankincense, carnation, vervain, gum arabic, yarrow, liquid copal.


A summer bonfire, with frankincense and myrrh, bay rum, and white rose.

(Forum exclusive)
Jasmine, vanilla, cedar, moss, marigold, purple verbena, candied tamarind, lime rind, margaritas, Dorian, Snake Oil, mal de ojo.

Hmmm... this all sound lovely, fruiyt and herby and light, but... will the moon be too sweet? June Gloom is a resurrection and I've had a sniffy of it, but do I like it enough for a full bottle? Litha I have a bottle from '06, but being a delicate scent, is what I have still true and did I like it that much anyway? I'm most tempted by St. John's Eve, though the rum is a wee bit worrying, will it overpower the rest (and how many frankincense and myrrh scents does a resin girl need anyways?) And the forum scent... there's my beloved jasmine heading the herbed parade, and marigold!! but the citrus? Hmm. Hmm. Hmm.

The Warrior Queens, on the other hand, I want them ALL. (I think I've finally come to the realization that I like berries, the darker the better, but not necessary fruits, especially not the citrus. Fig, pomegranate, I'm all over. Lime and exotic fruits, not so much.)

HER PERFUME: Amber, fig, vanilla flower, oak, patchouli, vetiver, dragon’s blood resin, leather, and neroli.
HER BATH: Fig, neroli, amber, vanilla, patchouli, pine needle, and vetiver.

HER PERFUME: Pink musk, white ginger, tea leaf, night blooming jasmine, bergamot, and leather.
HER BATH: White ginger, tea leaf, night blooming jasmine, neroli, rose, and lotus root.

HER PERFUME: Sakura, white orchid, mandarin, bamboo, red sandalwood, plum blossom, and lilac.
HER BATH: Sakura, plum wine, and rice flower.


HER PERFUME: Red musk, pomegranate, orange blossom, and melon.
HER BATH: Red musk, pomegranate, red cherry, myrrh, and blood orange.


HER PERFUME: Red currant, golden amber, blackberry, honey, and pink pepper.
HER BATH: Red currant and honey.

HER PERFUME: Red carnation, red roses, Spanish cedar, velvet musk, pomegranate, clove, and incense.
HER BATH: Frankincense, benzoin, carnation, and balsam of Peru.


HER PERFUME: Orris, clove, costus storax, patchouli, hyssop, frankincense, balsam, and saffron.
HER BATH: Orris, amber, balsam, calamus, and frankincense.
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User: caitdepaor
Date: 2009-05-08 20:54 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Ooh, Ysabel and Zenobia sound to die for. I'll want to sniff!

Did you see my other comment about Friday, the 15th?
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User: ethaisa
Date: 2009-05-08 21:26 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
Oh, yes, sorry, I did, and meant to tell you I'd touch base with L about it. We can do it here (might ease transport issues for le bebe) if you like. And I'm always up for breadmaking of some variety - do you have the entire day free?

And we can snif bpal, too!
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User: caitdepaor
Date: 2009-05-09 04:45 (UTC)
Subject: (no subject)
I do have the entire day free, so we could very realistically make some bread...
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