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Iron Shunga Death Match 4 - Betwixt & Between — LiveJournal

Date: 2010-03-22 16:52
Subject: Iron Shunga Death Match 4
Security: Public
Tags:bpal, decants, scent notes, shunga
White sandalwood, rice flower, honey, black pepper, and oakmoss. 

Starts off with a blast of honey and a hint of a sharp, almost sour note which thankfully fades quickly. Not sure if I could pick out rice flower if you waved it under my nose, but I think the honey drowns it out in any case. The honey remains as the pepper kicks in; very nice. Good last, with a honied powdered (hello sandalwood!) finish. I quite like this.


Olive blossom, cardamom pod, amber, morning star lily, bergamot, and a well-aimed snowball.

I was worried about this one because of the lily, but it is very well behaved. This started off as a spicy floral with a hint of citrus - so light that if I hadn't been looking, I would have missed it - and then mellows into a sweet creamy floral with a woody amber base. There's a hint of coolness with that cream - which isn't really a cream note per se but rather a smooth quality to the scent. The more I smell this the more I like it.

WINNER:  Okayaki by a faint edge, and only because it is such a unique scent. Both have bottle potential.

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